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Have you ever had a amazing idea, the kind that keeps you up at night day dreaming, and after a few days, weeks, or years it’s still just a thought? 

We live in a society where people are constantly striving for perfection.  People want the perfect job, perfect marriage, perfect children, etc.  These are ideals that will likely never get met. This same ideology can apply to new business owners.

Have you ever created a product you wanted to share with the world but no one’s seen it yet because you’re still polishing it? Too often, brand owners become so focused on finding “the perfect business formula”, that they never get their idea into gear.  

As someone with high standards who cares deeply about the quality of what I produce, I’m intimately familiar with the pull to keep polishing… forever. If you are venturing into the beauty industry and have no other business skills you have to do a lot of research on your own. But there is no better life training than just practicing.

"Practice makes perfect" as the saying goes. Today this statement may sound cliché or over used but it is the truth. In any business  you need to be practicing new skill sets like marketing, customer services, budgeting, and business management. It doesn't matter how many books that you read you need to put your thoughts into action.

Being committed to perfecting skills isn’t enough. You need to be consistent. Consistency is key build any successful business.

Consistency is the result of how you plan. It is not the result of the perfect plan you made. When you build a consistent relationship with your employees, customers, partners, and other people in your business, this habit becomes the foundation for the success and long-term success of your business.  

Are you making progress or are you seeking perfection?

  • Progress is fluid and open. Perfection is rigid and inflexible.
  • Perfection is exhausting. Progress is invigorating.
  • Perfection wears masks. Progress is transparent.
  • Perfection is endless because you never get there. Progress is endless because you are always there. 
  • Perfection focuses on what’s not working, the flaws, the not-enough's. Progress looks at what is working, the improvements, the discoveries, the aha moments that come from looking at things in a new way.
  • Perfection is obsessed with time. Progress doesn’t measure time because it is right now. Progress represents the in-betweens, the moments between milestones and goals reached. 

Do you need help turning your beauty brand idea into a functioning business?

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