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You often dream about becoming your own boss. So, you have an idea for the perfect new business. Your dreamt about the idea for weeks, months, years. And you do not a thing with it...Now what?

What is idea fog? It’s when you get an amazing idea, plan the entire project in your head and do absolutely nothing with it.

Most new entrepreneurs get a new idea of starting a new brand. They pick out the colors, the name and sometimes even get to the point of designing the logo but then they stop. Why? Maybe it’s because they are overwhelmed or maybe they have no idea how to move forward with their idea. Even worse they may lose confidents in their skills and their ability and give up. This is why it is important to prepare your mind before you start your business.

If you are venturing into the beauty industry and have no other business skills you have to figure it out and do research on your own. But there is no better life training than practicing. You are an entrepreneur way before you become an entrepreneur. What I mean by that is that some people are just wired for entrepreneurship and some are not. It takes a certain type of mindset and thinking-process to function like one because you are going to make mistakes and it is imperative that you prepare your mind for failures.

The first step to successful emotional preparation is to understand yourself. This isn’t just about knowing what you want, and what you hope to accomplish. Understanding yourself is also about knowing your strengths and weaknesses, and trying to figure out how to address them. What are your strengths and what things do you need to work on?

You have to spend more time nurturing your “growth mindset,” where you believe you can create and build anything beyond your struggles. I had to teach my mind how to push myself not only in negative situations but also in positive ones. I also had to learn how to not be too content with being comfortable.

Here are five ways to prepare your mind for your new business:

Dreaming Big

Dreaming big is probably one of the most common pieces of advice out there. The audacity to want more for yourself and in life can be a difficult mental adjustment. You have to dare to want more. You have to eliminate the mindset of “I just want enough to survive.” Creating a brand from scratch almost demands unrealistic expectations. By constantly dreaming about your business and envisioning what your business could look like even before beginning one you can position yourself to actually start it!

Staying Positive

Before you make any kind of decision the final person you consult with is yourself. You cannot consult yourself if you allow day to day stress to have you mentally checked out. You cannot and will not please all your customers so you will have to develop thick skin. It is important to check this emotion from the beginning because business related stress can impact your health and general feeling of well-being.

Harnessing Your Fears

Fear can be a great fuel when it comes to striking out on your own. Getting comfortable with being uncomfortable is the hardest thing to do. But it is possible to turn fear from your enemy into your greatest ally. The secret is to feed your dreams, starve the fears that inhibit your growth and most of all, believe in yourself.

Finding a Mentor

The benefit of finding a beauty business mentor is that you can learn from their previous mistakes and successes. Your mentor doesn't always need to have experience in the beauty industry, though it helps if they do, so that you're maximizing your opportunities to leverage key relationships. Your mentor's role is to share with you lessons from their experience in the hopes that you can learn them quickly and easily.

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The best way to get out of idea fog is educating yourself on the field. Intimidation can be the side effect of not only insecurity but also ignorance. When you educate yourself on the business side of the beauty industry you can develop the confidence you need to push your brand forward. In addition, when I started Curly Temple, I read tons of books. It is important to constantly feed your mind with new information. Especially, when you have no idea what you are doing or how to obtain your goal. Reading will help build your focus, positivity, perseverance and a moneymaker mindset to grow a brand. 

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