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Changing your mindset is the hardest thing to do when you are ready to start your beauty brand.

Especially when you are not fully committed to leaving your job.

How does one go from being a loyal employee to your own boss? Do you think your boss will be devastated if you leave your job? Do you think the office will fall apart if you’re not there? Well let me tell you the honest truth you are replaceable and no one cares.

Sure, it will be an inconvenience for any employer to find a new employee but at the bottom line you do not matter. I learned that the hard way. I remember many years ago when I joined the workforce, several doctor offices I interviewed with told me they hire only the best dental hygienist.  At the time, it didn’t register.  I was young, I was out of college, and basically, I just wanted a job. I didn’t care that they said they wanted to hire the best, I just knew if they wanted to hire me, that would be amazing. 

When using complimentary words like you’re the best, greatest or fastest you create a feeling of employee loyalty. What is Employee Loyalty? Employee loyalty can be defined as employees who are devoted to the success of their organization and feel that being an employee of this organization is in their best interest. That emotion or feeling can keep you stagnant at your job and it will keep you from not actively seeking better employment opportunities. It can even stop you from being your own boss.

That is a classic form of brainwashing that is use to keep you at their institution. Brainwashing sounds scary, so you might be surprised to know it's more common than many of us realize. The good news is that just because an organization is engaging in brainwashing, doesn't mean you have to be brainwashed.

Brainwashing is common practice in the education system and when you are young you do not realize that you are being manipulated. If you have attended any school in the US the goals, they teach you is to finish high school, get a loan and go to college. They promise you success and happiness if you graduate from a prestigious institution with a high GPA but we all know that isn't always the case.

After getting my first dental hygienist job out of college I was so motivated and I worked so hard for my boss because I wanted to see her business grow. I was a loyal employee. I went above and beyond to build her office up only to find out that my coworker made five whole dollars more an hour than me. That is right! Not one or two but five whole dollars more than me. I was bewildered by that number because I was not only employed 4 years longer than her, I also ran the department.

I eventually left that job and found a new job, one I thought would appreciate me but I was wrong again. I experienced a new form of brain-washing, fear.  At the new job I worked at I was often asked to do unethical and frankly illegal activities.  When I refused to participate in questionable or unprofessional activities my boss bullied me and they eventually "let me go" from my job.

This probably does not come as a surprise when employees are being brain-washed and manipulated daily to overwork ourselves because of fear of the unknown. How can I pay my bills? Can I find a new job quickly? Should I have done what they asked? As an employee we often feel that there are no other choices but to listen and do what we are told by our job. 

Even worse some employees are often being lied to from their management. Upper management will attempt to build loyalty by dangling a carrot in your face. They tell their employees that if they work extra hard, they will receive some type of reward at the end like a raise or a bonus. They tell them what they want to hear but not realizing that there is nothing behind the closed door. Their job is only offering empty promises and you are one of many hamsters on a wheel. 

I used to believe that because I worked so hard for my employer, they had to pay me what I deserved. I was entitled to their money. That was simply not true because at the end of the day it is their business. They could pay me whatever they thought I deserved regardless of how amazing I believed I was as an employee. 

I think as an employee we not only have blind loyalty to an institution but we also become entitled to the company's growth. As an employee we work so hard to help other entrepreneurs grow their business and we expect to be compensated fairly. Any accolades or huge clients they land we can sometimes get caught up in the hype and forget that none of these accomplishments belong to us. They belong to the owner. That is why it’s important to remind yourself that your job is NOT YOUR BUSINESS. 

You need to decide if you want to be brainwashed for the rest of your life or do you want to leave that institution to become your own boss. Quitting your day job to be your own boss sounds amazing in theory but you need to make an exit plan. Save your money and create a business plan because this transition is hard but you can do it.

If you are ready to start your own brand today let SMH Branding help you! 

We want to help inspiring entrepreneurs launch and grow their online beauty products on a solid foundation so you can gain consistent revenue allowing you to live a life of financial freedom.

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